an OpenSource Content-Managment-System written in Server-Side-JavaScript

The idea

NodeCMS is an approach to create an CMS that achive the following goals:

The CMS will be fully written in JavaScript and be based on the nodejs Project. It will use an Document-Oriented Database, and use JSON as data-storage-format. There are some cool ideas for nodecms:

event-driven Caching-System for Extensions

This will enable developers to only recreate HTML when its really needed. For Example a Navigation only needs to be recreated if a Page or Folder is created or changed.

server-side Plugin execution

This allows developers to create JavaScript plugins that create the needed HTML on the server-side. With the DOM, with the library they wish. Even with Cross-Site-Requests like an RSS feed or some Tweets.

LESS baked in

Maybe you heard of the “Leaner CSS” project, if not you should take a look. Its a great enhancement to CSS and i will bake it into NodeCMS so you dont need to take care of compiling and have easy themeing-abilities in one Step.

Skywriter as default Editor

Skywriter is another name you might heard before, its an Editor within your Browser and developed by Mozilla. A great one. And i will make him the default Editor for the build in Theme-Editor on the one hand, but also for the HTML-Content-Editor on the other hand.

Asynchronus JavaScript And JSON

NodeCMS is based on JavaScript, so it will provide an easy way to retrieve the (JSON based) Content from the Database asynchronously via JavaScript.

Actual Status

NodeCMS is pre-alpha at the moment. The Project just started and i do the best i can to present a working alpha as fast as possible.

The Creator

My name is Alexander Trefz, i am an 18 year old german front-end developer. You can visit my website or my (german) blog to find out more about me.